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Bangor Central Nursery School, Bangor


When can my child start Nursery School?

Children attend Nursery School in the school year that they are 3 turning 4 - the dates of birth for target age children are set by the Education Authority, for the 2023-2024 school year children will have been born between 2nd July 2019 and 1st July 2020 .  As we are  a Nursery School, we follow school term dates from September to June.  Children start in September and attend until June five days a week, with school holidays throughout the year.  

What is a Nursery School?

A Nursery School is a school for children in their pre-school year (the year before primary school).  The teachers are trained teachers and registered with the General Teaching Council of Northern Ireland, the assistants are also trained in early years education.  We are different to a day nursery - which is a child care provider.  We focus on education and the development of children in all aspects of their development and learning.  

How can I apply for a Pre-School Place for my child?

You can apply through the Education Authority's Citizen Portal, this usually opens for applications in the January prior to your child's pre-school year. 

How much does Nursery School Cost?

Nursery Schools have fully funded places.  You do not pay for your child to attend Nursery School.  We ask for a small payment of £5 each week to cover the healthy snack the children get each day and for the enrichment activities- visits and visitors to school like the Ark Farm, Cinemagic, Debutots, Mr Hullaballoo.  

Are you part of any other school?

No, we are completely stand alone.  We are a school.  We have our own Board of Governors, Principal, Budget, Policies and Procedures.

Do you take pre-pre school children?

Bangor Integrated Nursery School can only take pre-pre school children (children in the year before their pre-school year) if we do not fill all of our 78 spaces with target age children.  More details can be found on the EANI website about this.