Eco Schools

As an Eco-School we want our pupils to take care of the world we live in.  We recycle and are sensible with using water and electric as well as encouraging the children to do this at home.  Our gardens area promote wildlife and we help to take care of the birds and animals that visit and the plants that grow.

We are currently working towards our Green Flag renewal.  If you would like to get involved in our eco-activities with your child please speak to Miss Algie. 


Many of our school activities link to the Sustainable Development Goals and Eco-Schools topics:

Our Forest Schools Programme helps us increase our Outdoor Learning.  

Our involvement in the Travelling Teddy programme helps us with Global Education.  

Healthy Living and Wellbeing is part of our Getting Ready to Learn - Healthy Happy Kids programme.

Through the Little Schools Bird Watch and bug hunts we learn about Biodiversity.  

We learn to throw rubbish away responsibily - we recycle and are careful not to waste water and electricity.